It takes a universe to grow a plant

It takes a universe to grow a plantI woke up with this thought this morning.  “It takes a universe to grow a plant.”  Us humans plant a seed.  We water it, fertilize it, protect it.  We do what we can to help it grow and flourish.  But we understand that the plant needs air, sunshine, gravitational pull, etc. to grow to it’s fullest potential.  In short, us humans do our human things to give the plant what it needs, but in addition to what we do, the plant needs all the resources of the universe to flourish.

That is like our dreams.  We plant the seed of our dream.  We take action to feed and nourish it.  We protect it.  We nurse it when it is ailing or we have a setback.  But the thing we sometimes forget is that while we do everything we can to make our dream come true, we need to give it space to be nourished and fed by the universe.  The universe does provide.  The two together, our efforts along with the energy of the universe, are what make dreams grow into results we never could have anticipated or imagined.

Allow God/the universe to nourish your dreams.  Do your best and then release it to him.  He will provide, just like he does for that little seedling.


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