Slow and Steady – Part 2

Story of Stone Soup retold

Stone Soup

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When he asked for something to eat, the woman who answered refused, stating that times were hard and she couldn’t afford to share her stock of food. Contemplating this, the bedraggled man picked up a smooth stone from the garden and enquired again, “Then could you lend me a pot of water so that I can make some soup?” The woman was skeptical, but finally agreed. Then the poor fellow borrowed some wood and a match to start a fire so that he could heat the soup. In this way, he coaxed a carrot, some lettuce, a half of a tomato, a turnip, and even a couple of ham hocks, out of the woman. In the end, he had himself a fine supper.

The point of this story is that it all started out as a clever idea (on the part of the hungry wanderer) and the first step (the stone). Such is the case with the project Monica and I have undertaken by creating this website: to raise funds to complete a humanitarian project that is very near and dear to our hearts. And yes, Virginia, the bridge between Ancient India and Lanka was built by tribesmen, one stone at a time…

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