Slow and Steady – Part 1


Story of Stone Soup retold

All great projects start with one stone.

For the last few days Neelam and I have been discussing the future of this blog.  What do we want to do with it?  Should we make any changes?  Is there anyway we can reach more people more quickly?  It’s funny how conversations circle back and forth between us.  So many times she has come to me flustered on a project and I remind her to keep plugging away.  I think it really is true that hard work, if it’s done with direction, usually leads to success.  I have faith that all of Swamiji’s work will pay off.  It’s been a long road for him, and there is a long ribbon of road in front of him till he reaches his next destination.  But he keeps moving forward.  And Neelam reminded me that we need to do that too.  Keep moving forward.  Keep reaching out.  To make her point, she sent me this very sweet story that I’d like to share.  Thank you Neelam for sharing.

Success begets success, meaning when something is working, more people are inclined to join in.

I remember a story that was read to me by one of my professors during my teacher training program. It was called “Stone Soup”. It was about a wanderer who was tired and hungry after a long day on the road. He came upon a little house on the outskirts of a city and knocked on the front door until someone answered.


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