Scorpions found in children’s lunch in Chhattisgarh, India.

Thank you, Monica for letting me a guest here at your blog – Project Teach a Child.

I am so very fortunate to have a mommy and daddy who take much time to teach me. And who have worked very hard to find a school where I can learn and grow up and in the end make the world a better place because I was here … I hope.

Daddy showed me a news story about some children in Chhattisgarh, India.

They got sick because someone let a scorpion get into their lunch. Either the bug died when he got cooked or someone tossed the dead critter in there after he was dead. Eeewww!!!

Scorpion for Lunch

Scorpion for Lunch

I am too little to know too much but here are a couple of things I do know.

I feel safe when I am at home. That’s because Mommy and Daddy are there.

And I feel safe when I am at school. It’s because Mommy and Daddy picked the place out for me and drop me off there. They would NEVER EVER take me some place and leave me there if it were dangerous. I trust my Mommy and Daddy completely.

It is too too sad that little girls and little boys all over the world cannot feel this way.

Gosh, according to Monica’s site, some little girls and boys in India can’t even go to school?! They can’t even get an education.

That’s ridiculous. I learned that word somewhere. School maybe? I don’t know. But I get to learn things when I go to school. I get to learn words. And when I learn words I can express myself better.

According to this story about the scorpion, it seems to me that it’s not only kids who need some educating … cooks need it, too!

How did the dead bug get into the food?

Daddy said he had some deep fried scorpions when he was in China once. But they were tiny and very dead before being cooked and crispy when they were served.

None of those things matter to me – tiny, very dead or crispy.

I want to eat stuff that won’t hurt me.

And little as I am the best way for me to know what will or will not hurt me is to ask my daddy. He has experience in those things. And he tells me when to be safe. And he takes me places (school) and lets me meet people (my teachers) that I can trust.

I want to give little boys and girls everywhere a mommy and daddy that they can trust and a school where they can be safe and learn.

Mia Mei is a 5-year old blogger who writes about growing up bi-culturally as a Chinese-American in Silicon Valley.

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