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Mia and Daddy Celebrate

Mia and Daddy Celebrate

Thank you Monica for letting me guest write at your site.

And thank you for guest writing at my site - The fun of being Multi-cultural | Diwali | Halloween | Indian-American.

My daddy has been to India many times. And he says one of the most wonderful people he knows is from India. His name is Ajai Lall of Central India. And he and daddy have been friends for a long time.

Daddy also has many students from India at the university. And one of his key workers is from India – Parasshuram.

Daddy first became interested in India when Ajai invited him to visit the country.

While daddy was there, the story goes, his Indian friends locked him in a room one day because it was a festival day – HOLI.

“You can’t go outside Bill. You will get painted to death.”

So, daddy was locked in a room all day with nothing to do but watch cricket … of which he knew nothing about. But … by the end of the day he knew something.

Fast forward about 20 years and a lot of ‘LIFE’ in between and daddy and some of his writers started making a living and paying a lot of bills because of what he learned in a hotel room while many Indians celebrated outside.

Now, daddy is celebrating, too – the fact that what he learned from his Indian friends and by working along with an Indian colleague … his life is fuller and richer.

Now THAT! is worth celebrating, isn’t it.

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