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Patrick Stewart, Defend the rights of women and girls

Patrick Stewart, Defend the rights of women and girls

I love this picture!  And thank you Patrick Stewart for standing up for the rights of women and girls.  But why is this true?  Why does it take an old white guy to convince the world that standing up for human rights is necessary?  Why don’t people from other cultures stand up for women and girls?

And that’s really the problem isn’t it?  It’s not popular in a lot of cultures to stand up for female rights.  So even men who do support feminine rights often won’t say anything.  They don’t want to risk their own popularity, and maybe their safety, to stand up for something that isn’t popular.  It’s frustrating isn’t it?  It’s not that there aren’t men in other cultures that believe in female rights.  It’s just that they don’t say anything.  They don’t spread the word.

I often wonder about what it would take to help these men to stand up for what they believe in.  To motivate them to create a better world for their wives, sisters, daughters, an granddaughters.  What do they need?  And how can we provide it?  What will create the change we need?

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