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Inspirational quote

Inspirational Quote

Start with what is right rather than what is acceptable.
- Franz Kafka

I think most of us spend our time just doing what is acceptable.  Our cultures tell us what we should be doing, and even if it doesn’t sound or feel right to us, we do it because it’s what is expected of us.  It’s what our society thinks is acceptable, and if we want to be accepted we do what is acceptable.  Often, doing what is right is not popular.  Standing by one’s values and beliefs is often an act of courage, because it’s often not considered acceptable.  And because of that, that person loses their acceptance in their community and/or family.  This loss can be painful, and many of us don’t want to suffer that way.

But the world won’t change until we stand behind our beliefs.  The more of us who stand by what is right, the more acceptable it becomes.  What would the world be like if it was “normal” to stand for what we believe is right?  What if that became “acceptable?”  But it starts one person at a time.  Each of us can make a difference.  Each little step is a step towards a better world.

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