Indian teaching proverb | You can give a man a fish, but… – Part 1


Written by Neelam Wadhwani


You can give a man a fish, and feed him for a day.

Or you can teach the man how to fish, and feed him for a lifetime.

-  Old Indian Proverb


When I was growing up, my father told me many stories of his childhood in British India. He also told me about when India gained its independence, and the years that immediately followed. It is during the latter that I wish to share my thoughts on…

The year leading up to the end of British rule in India was a restless time. People could taste Freedom, and they were chomping at the bit… The Brits had grown anxious and many of them were leaving. The riots that had broken out across the country in favor of Indian sovereignty had escalated to a point of no return. The Brits had lost control over the country, and they were preparing to relinquish their power.

Indian leaders knew Independence was close at hand, so they started tossing around ideas for the governance of their new nation. In so doing, they opened “Pandora’s Box”.

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