Dream your dreams


Dream Your Dreams by Rebecca J. Burns (continued)

 Let your imagination take control

Take you on adventures never told

Just close your eyes my little one

Close your eyes and dream with me

You can fly above the mountains

You can swim beneath the sea

Its a great big world before us

Come along and dream with me

You can swing from every tree top

You can conquer every fear

There’s no need to be frightened

You’re not alone here in your dreams

Just open up your mind

and let your dreams flow through

I ts a great big world around us

Come on along and dream with me

Sweet dreams my little one

How can we help to make the dreams of the children of the world come true?  Their dreams are the hope and future of our planet.  Help them to dream big.  Support their dreams.  Help them make their dreams come true.

Does this poem touch you?  Tell us your thoughts.




2 thoughts on “Dream your dreams

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  2. Neelam Wadhwani

    Girls bring such sweetness to life. Their spunk, their hope… their courage. Their intuitive nature sees what man does not: the miraculous workings of Divinity! This ability is so powerful, that man typically does not realize it until it is too late. Is it any wonder, then, that woman are marginalized so? Nevertheless, action taken in ignorance still doesn’t make it right….

    Baby mine, don’t you cry,
    Baby mine, dry your eyes,
    Rest your head close to my heart,
    Never to part, Baby of Mine.
    Little One, when you play,
    Pay no heed what they say,
    Let your eyes sparkle and shine
    Never a tear, Baby of Mine


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