The children are our mission far away.

children in IndiaWonder

I am the star of wonder

your light in the dark,

your mission far away,

getting brighter as you get better.

I am the dolphin in the sea,

I sing, I dance for joy.

I am the dragon that takes you away to your future,

our future, everyone’s future.

No more life, no more outside wonder, unless you

let me lead you, lead you in a song of simpleness,

a song of nature,

let me lead you.

I am the rainbow bird that sings you a song,

that sings of happiness and celebration.

- Catherine

6th grade

Isn’t this so true?  They are our wonder, our light, our dragon, our rainbow bird.  They are our future.  Without children there is no future, no hope for a better world.  If we don’t provide for them and give them the tools they need to succeed, who will lead us into the future?  Who will shape our world?  Who will make the world a better place for those who suffer?  I absolutely love this poem because it reminds us of how important it is for us to support children in their growth.  And it is written by a sixth grader!  I love that too.

Does this poem inspire you?  Tell me how.

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