We are the change we’ve been waiting for


This is so true.  So many of us want so much in the world.  We want more kindness, more joy,  less war, no poor people suffering.  What we don’t realize is how much our little acts of kindness can make an impact towards these goals.  Doing a little bit is better than doing nothing at all.  We need to stop waiting for someone else to fix the problems in the world, and make the contributions we can to affect the change we want.

What do you think?

One thought on “We are the change we’ve been waiting for

  1. Josie McHale

    I totally agree with you! Every little bit helps. When I look at my personal life and how much I want to give back to my community, I find myself saying “I don’t have time for this”. But in reality, I do. I need to make the time. Because I know when I volunteer and I show up, I feel so good of what I’ve accomplished that I’d do it all over again.


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