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As October draws to a close, us Indian-Americans wait in anticipation for the upcoming festivities.  For us the portion of the calendar that marks the sign of Scorpio hosts two holidays, not just the one that either American children or Indian children get to enjoy in their own cultures.  For this reason, Indian-Americans are lucky indeed!

American families spend their Octobers anticipating and preparing for Halloween.  Indian families spend their Octobers anticipating and preparing for Diwali.  Indian-American families get to celebrate both!

The festivities are surprisingly similar.  In India, everyone wears a new outfit (which they actually call a costume, even though it’s just normal fancy clothes) for Diwali.  In America people celebrate by dressing in some fancy costume also.  In India families prepare lots of homemade sweets to surprise and delight their family and friends.  In America, families purchase or prepare lovely delights for the children that will visit them on Halloween

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night.  Indian children run around their neighborhoods asking for all the treats available in their neighbors homes.  American children run around trick and treating.

So what do Indian-American children do?  They dress up in fancy costumes one evening, and crazy costumes another.  They indulge in Indian sweets on the evening of the new moon in October-November, and then gorge on party size treats on the 31st of October.  And they enjoy two really good reasons to run around house to house visiting friends and neighbors sharing treats.

There are so many blessings in being from dual cultures.  You can see why being Indian-American is such a pleasure in October-November.

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