The Uneducated Epidemic in India Today


There is an uneducated epidemic going on in India today.  Did you know that Indian government reports show that fifty-nine million children between the ages of six and fourteen years old do not go to school? Official information also shows that only a little over one-third of all children who enroll in first grade ever reach eight grade. Can you believe this is in a country which has made education for children in the age group of six to fourteen years a fundamental right?

Do these numbers startle or concern you?  If so, consider donating online for the education of poor children in India. Education for children is the key to a bright future of any country, and thus education charities can potentially play a vital role in the country’s development.  One such charity is Badarikashram.  Through this organization children in rural India receive schooling, at least one meal a day, and the medical services they need. Your help will go a long way to provide educational opportunities for children who would otherwise be left behind.  For more information on your many donation options with Badarkishrama, please go to

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