Sri Ramakrishna’s message of God-consciousness – Part 2

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Sri Ramakrishna

Sri Ramakrishna represents the very core of spiritual realization to seekers of many religions around the world.  He was so free of religious bias he studied the paths of Islam and Christianity and attained the highest form of God-consciousness through each of them also.  He saw Jesus and Buddha as incarnations of God himself, and respected all the past and present Gurus of his time.  He described the essence of own personal twelve year spiritual journey in the saying “As many faiths, so many paths.”

He became known near and far for his divine personality and people flocked to him from all religions, walks of life, castes, and races.  Anyone who met Sri Ramakrishna felt uplifted by his universal outlook, boundless love, and profound God-consciousness.

In modern times, the greatest contribution of Sri Ramakrishna is his message of harmony and tolerance of all religions.  He himself practiced the spiritual disciplines of several different religions and came to believe that all of them lead to the same goal: communion with God.  In the present day world, a fellowship of religions based on this common goal would bring harmony and peace amongst us all.

Sri Ramakrishna passed away in 1886.  May his life and message ever inspire us.




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