Why Badarikashrama?

Morning assembly before school in Madihalli

When I talk about the work Badarikashram is doing in India, people’s first question to me is always “Why this particular organization?  There are so many others that do exactly the same thing, but they are more established than this one”. And I say, “That is exactly why!”

The reason I support Badarikashrama, in particular, is because they are small, and their administration costs are kept to a minimum. I know that the money that I donate to the them will actually go to the project I designate. No money will be skimmed off the top to line the pockets of the various middle men who work at a more established organization.

In the past, when I have donated money to charities, I was disheartened to discover that so much of it went into the operation of the organization instead of directly to the people it was set up to assist. I find it extremely gratifying that the money that I donate to Badarikashrama goes directly to the service project it was intended for. And if I feel the need, I can catch a flight to South India and see for myself!

I’m happy to know that the money that I donate to this ashrama (temple) is being used as promised. I want to spread the word about this unique opportunity to help build a learning institution for those less fortunate, because I believe that other people feel the same way I do.  They want to give money, but they want to make sure it goes to the people they intended it for.



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