Story of Diwali | Rama, Sita, Laxmana, Ravana, Hanuman | Deepavali – Part 4 of 4

Rama, Sita, and Hanuman

Rama, Sita, and Hanuman

And here is the final segment of this story…

Soon they came upon a great monkey sitting under a tree and singing devotional hymns. The two brothers approached him and asked him what he was doing. When the great monkey (Hanuman) told them that he was singing the praises of the exiled prince of Ayodhya, Rama stepped forward and introduced himself.

Rama and Hanuman, great friends

Rama and Hanuman, great friends

After learning of Rama’s dilemma, Hanuman offered to help. Over time, he located Sita and informed Rama of her whereabouts. Then he helped Rama and Laxmana build a mighty army. Together, they constructed a floating bridge from the forests of Kosala to the island kingdom of Lanka, and then waged war on them.

The war lasted seven days and seven nights. In the end, Prince Rama killed King Ravana and won the war. After Rama and Laxmana reunited with Sita, they all returned home.  Upon arrival, all the people of Ayodhya decorated their homes and the whole city with little oil lamps to welcome their beloved Rama and Sita home.  After great celebration Rama took his rightful place as King.

And ever since then, people all over India light lamps on Diwali to remember that light always triumphs over dark, and good always triumphs over evil.

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