What is Puja?



A Puja is a ceremony showing reverence to God or a divine spirit.  The ceremony can include invocations, prayers, songs, and rituals.  Performing a puja allows one to make a spiritual connection with the Devine.  This contact is often facilitated through an object such as an element of nature, a sculpture, a painting, or a print.

The object chosen by the devotee is not considered the deity itself, but rather is believed to be filled with the essence of the deity and all that he represents to the devotee himself.  It is a focal point for communicating with and honoring God.   Each deity represents a different aspect of human nature and also the gift human’s value and would pray for.  For instance, there are specific Gods one would pray to for health, wealth, peace, protection, etc.  As one focuses on the chosen object, the consciousness mind of the devotee focuses single-mindedly on the benefit he hopes to achieve.   Praying in this manner is a powerful attractant for the desired outcome.  This is why we have so many “gods” in the Hindu religion.

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