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Valmiki and Ganesha

Valmiki and Ganesha

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Such is the case for the Ramayana, the epic life story of Rama, the king of Ancient Ayodhya and who many believe was an incarnate of Lord Vishnu, who materialized on Earth to kill Ravana and purge the world of his evil.

Praise to Valmiki,2 bird of charming song,3
Who mounts on Poesy’s sublimest spray,
And sweetly sings with accent clear and strong
Rama, aye Rama, in his deathless lay.

Legend has it that the Great Sage asked Lord Ganesha to transcribe it while he narrated it to him. Lord Ganesha agreed on one condition: He would transcribe it only if Great Sage Valmiki tells the whole story in one sitting. The Great Sage agreed and the story began.   Every word that dripped from Great Sage Valmiki’s lips was so sweet that Lord Ganesha recorded EVERYTHING! In his excitement, the Lord broke his writing instrument.  Remembering what he had told the Great Sage before they started, He broke one of his tusks off and used it to continue writing.  It is said that this is how Lord Ganesha lost his tusk.

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