Navratri Day 9 | The Worship of the Goddess Siddhidarti

Maa Siddidatri, the ultimate manifestation of Durga

Maa Siddidatri, the ultimate manifestation of Durga

On the nineth day of Navratri we worship the Goddess Siddhidatri. Siddhi means perfection and Dhatri means “one who gives.” Thus the Goddess Siddhidatri is the one who gives her devotees perfection in all ways. She bestows on them spiritual power and worldly achievement. She is considered the most powerful form of Durga, which is why she is worshipped on the last day. Once you have worshipped all other forms of the Devine Mother, you are ready to worship the ultimate, most magnificent form of the Goddess among the Navadurga (the nine avatars of Durga).

If the devotee worships Goddess Siddhidarti with full devotion and pleases her, all wishes are fulfilled and all fear and pain is eliminated. Through Her the devotee can satisfy and control all his or her desires. The Goddess ends greed and superfluous temptations. After obtaining “Siddhi,” the devotee will achieve an enhancement of their personality, and want for nothing.  And only through the Goddess Siddhidarti can one clear all the doubts in their mind and have the true realization that everything is from the same supreme source, thus achieving true freedom and peace.

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