Navratri Day 5 | We adore the Goddess Skandmata

five of Navratri: Skandmata

five of Navratri: Skandmata

On the fifth day of Navratri we worship the Goddess Skandmata.  She is the deity of the solar system and is known to give joy to all.  Anyone who worships her with full devotion and faith on the fifth day of Navratri is showered with immense happiness and prosperity.  The goddess in this form is very beautiful with a golden complexion.  She has four arms and sits upon a lion.  She is very protective of her children, so if they are in danger she fights the demons from atop her loyal, powerful mount.  She carries a lotus in two of her hands and her divine children on her lap.  She showers all her motherly love on her devotees and fulfills all their desires, blessing them with supreme joy and bliss.

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