A mothers love – Krishna and Yashoda

Krishna and Yashoda

Krishna’s relationship with his adopted mother, Yashoda, is a shining example of the
ideal love that should exist between a mother and her child. Krishna’s pranks frustrated
Yashoda incessantly, but they also enchanted her. Yashoda’s reprimands were stern,
but Krishna found them to be music to his ears. Because at the end of the day, Krishna
always found himself wrapped securely in his mother’s arms as she sang to him and rocked him to sleep.

Sleep my lovely moonchild; sleep, my prince.
The sleep-fairies are here, wearing anklets on their feet.
On their soft wings they will waft you away
Far from this earth, somewhere across the seven seas,
Amidst distant skies, is the world of dreams…
Come to the world of dreams, come;
For a stroll in a country of gold.

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