An Introduction to Lord Krishna

Mischievous baby Krishna stealing butter.

Mischievous baby Krishna stealing butter.

Lord Krishna was the eight incarnation of Lord Vishnu.  He is the epitome of divine love and joy, and destroys all pain and sin.  He is said by many to have been born to establish a religion of love.

He was born to Devaki, the sister of the cruel King Kamsa.  To read more about his birth please go HERE.

Krishna was brought up in a cow herd family and had a great love for his adopted mother Yashoda.  Their relationship is a perfect example of the depth of love between a mother and her child.  Krishna loved to play the flute to entertain all those around him, including the cows.  He was also very mischievous and teased his mother and the milkmaids of Vrindavan incessantly.  He would steal milk and butter, free the cows at milking time, and hide the clothes of girls as they bathed in the river.  Little Krishna wasn’t just easing simply out of fun.  He wanted to clear the ignorance of all by teaching them not to be so attached to material things and instead to focus on God.  Material things come and go, especially when he himself is around.  Because of his playful way of teaching his message, Lord Krishna is known as the deity of Hasya, or Humor.



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