Hanuman | The Monkey God – Part 2 of 2

Lord Hanuman, the Monkey God

Lord Hanuman, the Monkey God


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Hanuman took a huge breath and slowly began to grow bigger and bigger. The heavy ropes that bound him snapped and fell away. And his burning tail grew into an awesome torch, with which he set the Island Kingdom on fire. The structures hissed and cracked as they burnt and fell, and the townsfolk screamed in fear. Satisfied, Hanuman took his leave and returned to the mainland, where Rama and Laxmana had been waiting for him.  He gave them valuable information on Ravana’s forces, and then the army crossed a bridge to Lanka that was made by the monkey leader and master architect called Nala.

During the great Battle of Lanka, Hanuman defeated the Demon Lankini, who was the principal guard of the city of Lanka.  But his greatest feat during the battle was to bring back the herb that cured Lakshman from a fatal wound. He flew all the way to the Himalayas to find it, and was harassed by many demons.  He could not find the herb and finally brought the entire mountain to Lanka.  The herb was found and Lakshman was saved.

After the battle, Rama, Sita, Lakshman, and Hanuman returned to their hometown of Ayodhya and Rama and Sita were crowned King and Queen.  When Rama offered Hanuman any boon he wanted, Hanuman asked to live for as long as men spoke of the deeds of Rama.

- Written by Neelam Wadhwani

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