The Birth of Lord Krishna, the Hindu God of Love – Part 3

Krishna defeating Kamsa

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This enraged Kamsa and he and his demonic associates began an all-out purge.  The murdered all the mail children born in Mathura within the previous ten days.  He also harassed all saintly persons and put a stop to all religious activities.

Lord Krishna, however, grew up safe and carefree in Vrndavana.  Kamsa heard about the divine child in the nearby town and tried repeatedly to kill him.  First he sent the witch Putana.  She had already killed many babies with her cruel black magic.  She came to kill the baby Krishna when he was only a few months old.  She poisoned her breast and appeared to Yasoda, Krishna’s adopted mother, as a beautiful young woman.  She feigned ardor for the beautiful child and begged permission to give Krishna her breast to suck.  Baby Krishna, in his innocence sucked the breast of its milk, and then sucked the life out of Putana as well.

After Putana, Kamsa send many demons to try to destroy Krishna.  But Krishna casually killed all the demons one after another.  At the age of sixteen Krishna finally killed Kamsa and all of his cruel associates.  He liberated his weary parents form their prison and restored Ugrasen as the rightful King of Mathura.

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