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mandala - sacred geometry and art

Mandala – sacred geometry and art

A mandala can be described as the pictorial version of a musical composition. It is created by applying the mathematical laws of angle and shape in ways that correspond with the natural laws of the Universe.  A mandala can also be described as a sacred circle which is used in ritualistic ceremonies and other related practices.

The term, mandala, comes from a Sanskrit word that has two distinct meanings: (1) circle, which can represent the physical world outside of you, and (2) center, which can represent the mental and spiritual worlds within you.  When you include both meanings into one term, you realize that a mandala can be thought of as a sacred geometric design that represents the three planes of human existence (e.g. the physical body, the subtle body, and the causal body).

The main purpose of a mandala is to create a sacred space to focus your mind during meditation and turn your attention inward.

What the shapes represent…

Circles           represent the universe/ cosmos

Spirals          represent growth & learning, change

Triangles     represent dreams, goals, and vision

Squares        represent the building process; stability and security; the surface of the Earth

What the colors represent…

Red                an energy color that represents fire, burning emotions, and action

Orange          a prideful color that represents warmth, intensity and fire

Yellow          represents light, warmth, and the sun

Green          represents health, growth and renewal

Blue               a calming color and represents unfailing love, serenity, relaxation, and  compassion; related to the Throat Chakra

Purple          a life color that represents royalty, authority, and intuition

White            represents light, innocence, purity, and divinity

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