The many different kinds of yoga | Yoga practices and benefits – Part 5


The Seven Chakras and what they represent.

The Seven Chakras and what they represent.

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Kundalini Yoga:

Kundalini yoga focuses on awakening the energy at the base of the spine, known as kundalini, and drawing it upward. The practice of Kundalini yoga include postures, chanting, meditation, and breathing exercises and focuses on moving energy through the seven chakras.

Power Yoga:

Power yoga is essentially American interpretation of ashtanga yoga.  (Ashtanga yoga, as you will remember, is a discipline that combines strength training, stretching, and meditative breathing.)  But power yoga takes ashtanga a few steps further. Many of the postures resemble basic calisthenics — push-ups, toe touches, and side bends — but the key to power yoga’s muscle building, sweat producing power is the pace. In power yoga, instead of holding poses as you would in traditional yoga, each move directly into the next move, making it an intense aerobic workout.


Viniyoga is most often used as a therapeutic practice for people who are recovering from a surgery or who have suffered injuries. It is a gentle, healing yoga that is tailored to each person’s needs and body type, and evolves with the person as they grow and change.

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