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Karma: the natural law of cause and effect.

Karma: the natural law of cause and effect.

The Natural Law of Cause & Effect

Karma is one of the nine core beliefs in Hinduism (Karma and Dharma are included together as one belief). It is a term that originates from Sanskrit and is made up of two separate words: (1) Kar, which means organs of action, and (2) ma, which means to produce or create. Combined, the word, Karma, can be translated as that which is produced by one’s mental or physical actions.

In other words, Karma is a Hindu concept that says that your thoughts, words, and deeds, affect your experiences in the three bodies of your soul: the causal (astral) body, the subtle (aura) body, and the material (physical) body.  Good thoughts, words, and deeds, produce positive life experiences. Bad thoughts, words, and deeds, produce negative life experiences.

These experiences, however, don’t just pertain to your present life.  They pertain to your past life and future life as well.  Consequently, you may not know WHY you are experiencing the many setbacks in your life. And you may not know what setbacks to anticipate.  But you can reframe your current problems as challenges and respond to them with a sound mind and an open heart (aka right attitude).

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